Savannah is 7! . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

Savannah turned 7 last month!  And she was such a willing model for her “7-year-old” photo shoot!  This girl is a performer and had lots of pose ideas for us to try out!  Such as: Cartwheels, Splits, Jumping on the Trampoline, and the ‘ol hands-in-the-air gymnastics pose.

After those fun poses….(insert crying laughing emoji) we tried a few of my boring ideas.  😉 Love ya, Savannah!

fort wayne family photographer_0150fort wayne family photographer_0153fort wayne family photographer_0151fort wayne family photographer_0156fort wayne family photographer_0152fort wayne family photographer_0154fort wayne family photographer_0155Dad came home from work just in time to get in a shot!fort wayne family photographer_0157fort wayne family photographer_0158And we took a couple cousin shots for good measure!  fort wayne family photographer_0159

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