Fiesta Bridal Shower . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer

My friend Maddie Butterfield of MBO+D threw a super fun “FIESTA! Bridal Shower” for her soon-to-be sister in law last week, and I got to crash the party to capture their time together…fiesta bridal shower_0222If you have an event coming up where you’d prefer to just be present with your guests, instead of hosting AND taking photos of the day, give me a call!  I’d be happy to take that job off your plate.  😉

And if you’d prefer to have Maddie’s creative mind plan the event, give her a call! click herefiesta bridal shower_0223fiesta bridal shower_0224fiesta bridal shower_0225fiesta bridal shower_0226fiesta bridal shower_0227fiesta bridal shower_0229fiesta bridal shower_0230fiesta bridal shower_0231fiesta bridal shower_0232fiesta bridal shower_0233fiesta bridal shower_0234fiesta bridal shower_0235fiesta bridal shower_0236fiesta bridal shower_0237fiesta bridal shower_0238fiesta bridal shower_0239fiesta bridal shower_0240fiesta bridal shower_0241fiesta bridal shower_0242fiesta bridal shower_0243fiesta bridal shower_0244

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