Matt & Jenay’s Engagement . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Columbia City IN Engagement Photographer

I had the privilege to photograph this adorable couple last weekend while in Sarasota, FL visiting my family.  It brought back a lot of memories, as I’ve known Jenay since she was in elementary school, and we took pictures on the same property where I was married, all in my hometown!  What a nostalgic experience!!

fortwayneengagement_0337I asked Matt & Jenay during our session to describe each other in 3 words.  I think I may start asking all of my couples this!  I loved what it told me about each of them, and about what they cherished in each other.fortwayneengagement_0338Jenay said that Matt was:  Goofy, Loyal, and Cuddly

Matt described Jenay as:  Original, Bold, and Attentive to Detail

(I know…that was more than 3 words, but I’ll allow it. 😉fortwayneengagement_0339fortwayneengagement_0340fortwayneengagement_0341fortwayneengagement_0342fortwayneengagement_0343fortwayneengagement_0344fortwayneengagement_0345fortwayneengagement_0346fortwayneengagement_0347fortwayneengagement_0348fortwayneengagement_0349fortwayneengagement_0350fortwayneengagement_0351fortwayneengagement_0352fortwayneengagement_0353fortwayneengagement_0354fortwayneengagement_0355fortwayneengagement_0356fortwayneengagement_0357fortwayneengagement_0358fortwayneengagement_0359fortwayneengagement_0360God Bless you two!!  I can’t wait for the big day in November!

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