Jake & Caroline’s Indiana University Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Indianapolis IN Wedding Photographer.

Caroline & Jake were married in Bloomington, Indiana, at their alma mater, IU! This was my first time on this campus and it was GORGEOUS!! So many stone buildings & autumn leaves everywhere; we had too many portrait locations and not enough time to use them all! It was also 40 degrees that day, and some snow flakes even fell during our portrait time.


Caroline was a total champ in her spaghetti strap dress, still looking like a glamor queen, as she shivered and turned red in the cold! Their bridal party was such a fun and kind crew to have along for the day! They had great attitudes during our freezing photo time outdoors, and they were super fun on the dance floor later that night!

Congrats, Jake & Caroline, on a lovely wedding day! Thanks for letting me come along and capture all the joyful moments!

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