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Alli & Sid Engaged – Styled Shoot . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer, Midwest Wedding Photographer

fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0172I had an itch to do another styled shoot the past few months!  And I’m super thankful so many beautiful pieces fell into place to make this GORGEOUS engagement session a success!  I have lots of people to THANK!

To my friend and fellow photographer, Shannon of Simple Joy Portraits for brainstorming, shopping, setting up, and shooting this alongside me!  This was such a fun creative outlet for us!

Thanks to Alli & Sid for being the beautiful models that made our vision a reality! And to Karina for suggesting them!  (They REALLY are engaged, if you were wondering.)

The talented ladies at TNT Floral created a wild bouquet for us, AND Alli’s greenery crown, AND Sid’s boutonniere!  (And now I’m a firm believer that we should all walk around with floral crowns, because Alli looks magical in hers!)

The Hooley family brought out Dotty, the appaloosa horse, as a beautiful accessory to our sweet couple!  If you’d like to have a horse in YOUR photo session, I can connect you with them!

Jessica Godlove of Studio 3 Hair Company was the talent behind Alli’s hair (with Halo extensions added for an even more epic look!)

And my dear friend’s, the Fergusson’s, who allowed us to shoot in their breathtaking vineyard!  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Okay, now you can enjoy this fairy tale session!

fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0173fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0174fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0175Alli had never been on a horse before, but she pulled it off gracefully! fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0176fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0196fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0177fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0178TNT would love to supply all of your wedding flower needs!  Give them a call!fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0179fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0180fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0181fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0182fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0183fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0184fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0185fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0186fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0187fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0188fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0189fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0190We had some good laughs trying to get a fun champagne popping shot!  Shannon and I didn’t realize we’d bought champagne with a TWIST TOP!  No cork!  (face palm). So we improvised!

1. Twist off cap.  2. Put thumb over bottle opening.  3. Shake a little.  4. Pull your thumb off a little and let it fly!

fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0191fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0192fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0193fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0194fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0195fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0197fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0198fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0199fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0200fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0201fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0202fort wayne indiana engagement photographer vineyard horse champagne_0203

Story Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer, Midwest Photographer

fort wayne indiana family photographer_0131I shot the Story family portraits on their property in Columbia City.  We had beautiful sunlight through their mature trees, and their sparkling smiles just light up every photo!

They also chose to break up their session into 30 minutes of family photos, and 30 minutes of Weston’s senior photos.  So you’ll see Wes’s individual shots sprinkled in throughout.fort wayne indiana family photographer_0132fort wayne indiana family photographer_0133fort wayne indiana family photographer_0134fort wayne indiana family photographer_0135fort wayne indiana family photographer_0136fort wayne indiana family photographer_0137fort wayne indiana family photographer_0138fort wayne indiana family photographer_0139fort wayne indiana family photographer_0140fort wayne indiana family photographer_0141fort wayne indiana family photographer_0142fort wayne indiana family photographer_0143fort wayne indiana family photographer_0144fort wayne indiana family photographer_0145fort wayne indiana family photographer_0146fort wayne indiana family photographer_0147fort wayne indiana family photographer_0148fort wayne indiana family photographer_0149Wes is joining the Air Force next year so we did a few shots in his USAF shirt.  I love these shots because they have his childhood home behind him, and his future on his chest.  So meaningful!fort wayne indiana family photographer_0150fort wayne indiana family photographer_0151fort wayne indiana family photographer_0152fort wayne indiana family photographer_0153fort wayne indiana family photographer_0154fort wayne indiana family photographer_0155fort wayne indiana family photographer_0156

Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer

I almost called this “Pro’s & Con’s of Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions”, BUT it really just comes down to preferences.  So I don’t want to say one way is BETTER than another way.  It’s totally up to the photographer and client as to what they prefer.  If you’re considering having your family portraits taken, this might be really helpful for you to find what fits your preferences best!

fort wayne family photographer_0251

(Disclaimer: Every photographer is slightly different in how they price, shoot, and deliver their sessions.  So this post is tailored to your experience with me specifically.  This is how Valerie Joy Photography does sessions.  But it may overlap to other photographers in various ways.  I’d suggest clarifying with your photographer how they do things.)

fort wayne family photographer_0254

Mini Sessions:

-Location is chosen by the photographer, not the client.  Typically a themed session (Fall, Christmas, Snow, Sunflower field, Studio backdrop, etc.)

-Photographer chooses the dates that clients have to work around.

-$125.  Lower total cost compared to Full Session.  But not as good of a deal if you break it down per minute.

-15 minutes of shooting.

-Fast paced, to get the most photos during our time together.  This naturally doesn’t leave much time for personal discussions, or breaks for fussy children.  (It has happened that a child was fussy during their mini session, and the gallery was very limited because of that.  If we’d had more time, we could have taken a break to have a snack, and I could have delivered a much larger gallery.)

-Approximately 30 images in final edited online gallery for download.

-Best for clients on a smaller budget, families with members who can’t make it through a full hour of shooting, clients who prefer multiple smaller sessions per year, or only want a handful of images for whatever reason.

(If you want to know when I offer Mini Sessions, be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram to see those announcements.)

fort wayne family photographer_0256

Full Sessions:

-Location is chosen by client (based on photographer suggestions, if needed.)

-Client chooses the date and time which works best for them (within photographer’s availability, of course.)

-$250.  Higher total cost compared to Mini Session.  But a better deal if you break it down per minute.

-60 minutes of shooting.

-More casual pace, allowing kids to relax between poses, and photographer and client to get to know each other a little bit.  This pace usually leads clients to be much more comfortable in front of the camera.

-Approximately 120 images in final edited online gallery for download.

-Best for clients who want a larger gallery with LOTS of variety to choose from, who want to have more of a say in when & where their session is, and who want an individualized, relaxing experiences.

fort wayne family photographer_0252

If you’d like to book a Full Session with me, my favorite season for photos is almost here (FALL!!!!!) and my schedule fills up quick, so contact me ASAP!

Keith & Kelly’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

union12wedding_0100Keith & Kelly were married last weekend at Union 12 in Columbia City!  They were blessed with genuine family & friends surrounding them.  Tears were shed throughout the day, and they had an epic dance party!  Everything you’d ever wish for in your wedding day!union12wedding_0101union12wedding_0102union12wedding_0103Kelly’s choice for “wildflower” bouquets were STUNNING!!!union12wedding_0104Thanks to Nicole Morehead for second shooting with me, and getting these shots of the guys getting ready!union12wedding_0105union12wedding_0106union12wedding_0107union12wedding_0108union12wedding_0109union12wedding_0110union12wedding_0111union12wedding_0112union12wedding_0113union12wedding_0114union12wedding_0115union12wedding_0116union12wedding_0117union12wedding_0118union12wedding_0119union12wedding_0120union12wedding_0121union12wedding_0122union12wedding_0123union12wedding_0124union12wedding_0125union12wedding_0126Kelly’s First Look with her dad!union12wedding_0127union12wedding_0128Kelly & her sweet mom!union12wedding_0129union12wedding_0130union12wedding_0131union12wedding_0133union12wedding_0134union12wedding_0135union12wedding_0136union12wedding_0137union12wedding_0138union12wedding_0139union12wedding_0140union12wedding_0141union12wedding_0142union12wedding_0143Ceremony time!  Union 12 has a beautiful covered patio for ceremonies.  I love all of the natural light!  A photographers dream!union12wedding_0144union12wedding_0145union12wedding_0147union12wedding_0146The Flower Girl & Ring bearer met their dad at the front of the aisle.  I love their sweet expressions when they saw him!union12wedding_0148union12wedding_0149Keith & Kelly chose not to see each other before the aisle, so there were many tears as they laid eyes on each other for the first time!  My fav!union12wedding_0150union12wedding_0151union12wedding_0152union12wedding_0153union12wedding_0154union12wedding_0155Mr. & Mrs. Wagner!union12wedding_0156I loved this sweet moment with Kelly & her grandma!union12wedding_0157And this little lady is quite possibly the cutest flower girl in the whole world!union12wedding_0158union12wedding_0159union12wedding_0160union12wedding_0161union12wedding_0162union12wedding_0163union12wedding_0164union12wedding_0165Kelly totally nailed this “pick up” pose!!union12wedding_0166union12wedding_0167union12wedding_0168union12wedding_0169union12wedding_0170union12wedding_0171union12wedding_0172union12wedding_0173union12wedding_0174union12wedding_0175union12wedding_0176union12wedding_0177union12wedding_0178union12wedding_0179union12wedding_0180Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Wagner!  Let’s party!union12wedding_0181union12wedding_0182union12wedding_0183union12wedding_0184union12wedding_0185union12wedding_0186union12wedding_0187union12wedding_0188union12wedding_0189union12wedding_0190union12wedding_0191union12wedding_0192union12wedding_0193union12wedding_0194union12wedding_0195union12wedding_0196union12wedding_0197union12wedding_0198union12wedding_0199union12wedding_0200union12wedding_0201union12wedding_0202union12wedding_0203union12wedding_0204union12wedding_0205union12wedding_0206union12wedding_0207union12wedding_0208union12wedding_0209union12wedding_0210union12wedding_0211union12wedding_0212union12wedding_0213union12wedding_0214union12wedding_0215union12wedding_0216union12wedding_0217union12wedding_0218union12wedding_0219union12wedding_0220union12wedding_0221union12wedding_0222We stepped out back for 10 minutes to shoot a few sunset portraits!union12wedding_0223union12wedding_0224union12wedding_0225union12wedding_0226union12wedding_0227union12wedding_0228union12wedding_0229union12wedding_0230union12wedding_0231union12wedding_0232union12wedding_0233union12wedding_0234union12wedding_0235union12wedding_0236union12wedding_0237union12wedding_0238union12wedding_0239union12wedding_0240union12wedding_0241union12wedding_0242union12wedding_0243union12wedding_0244union12wedding_0245union12wedding_0246union12wedding_0247union12wedding_0249union12wedding_0250

Matt & Jenay’s Engagement . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Columbia City IN Engagement Photographer

I had the privilege to photograph this adorable couple last weekend while in Sarasota, FL visiting my family.  It brought back a lot of memories, as I’ve known Jenay since she was in elementary school, and we took pictures on the same property where I was married, all in my hometown!  What a nostalgic experience!!

fortwayneengagement_0337I asked Matt & Jenay during our session to describe each other in 3 words.  I think I may start asking all of my couples this!  I loved what it told me about each of them, and about what they cherished in each other.fortwayneengagement_0338Jenay said that Matt was:  Goofy, Loyal, and Cuddly

Matt described Jenay as:  Original, Bold, and Attentive to Detail

(I know…that was more than 3 words, but I’ll allow it. 😉fortwayneengagement_0339fortwayneengagement_0340fortwayneengagement_0341fortwayneengagement_0342fortwayneengagement_0343fortwayneengagement_0344fortwayneengagement_0345fortwayneengagement_0346fortwayneengagement_0347fortwayneengagement_0348fortwayneengagement_0349fortwayneengagement_0350fortwayneengagement_0351fortwayneengagement_0352fortwayneengagement_0353fortwayneengagement_0354fortwayneengagement_0355fortwayneengagement_0356fortwayneengagement_0357fortwayneengagement_0358fortwayneengagement_0359fortwayneengagement_0360God Bless you two!!  I can’t wait for the big day in November!

Nicole & Zechariah’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

fortwaynerainwedding_0255Nicole & Zech got married at Baker’s Street Train Station in Ft. Wayne.  There were so many beautiful aspects of their day.  The bridal party looked so classy!  Anne Grey Flowers created stunning florals throughout the venue.  And Baker Street is always a beautiful backdrop for any occasion.

(These are my images as the second shooter. Morgan Ruth Photography was the lead photographer.)fortwaynewedding_0256First Look!fortwaynewedding_0257fortwaynewedding_0258fortwaynewedding_0259fortwaynewedding_0260fortwaynewedding_0261fortwaynewedding_0262fortwaynewedding_0263fortwaynewedding_0265fortwaynewedding_0266fortwaynewedding_0267fortwaynewedding_0268fortwaynewedding_0269fortwaynewedding_0270fortwaynewedding_0271fortwaynewedding_0272fortwaynewedding_0273fortwaynewedding_0274fortwaynewedding_0275fortwaynewedding_0276fortwaynewedding_0277fortwaynewedding_0278fortwaynewedding_0279fortwaynewedding_0280fortwaynewedding_0281fortwaynewedding_0282fortwaynewedding_0283fortwaynewedding_0284fortwaynewedding_0285fortwaynewedding_0286fortwaynewedding_0287fortwaynewedding_0288fortwaynewedding_0289fortwaynewedding_0290fortwaynewedding_0291fortwaynewedding_0292fortwaynewedding_0293fortwaynewedding_0294fortwaynewedding_0295fortwaynewedding_0296fortwaynewedding_0297fortwaynewedding_0298fortwaynewedding_0299fortwaynewedding_0300fortwaynewedding_0301fortwaynewedding_0302fortwaynewedding_0303fortwaynewedding_0304fortwaynewedding_0305fortwaynewedding_0306fortwaynewedding_0307fortwaynewedding_0308fortwaynewedding_0309fortwaynewedding_0310fortwaynewedding_0311fortwaynewedding_0312fortwaynewedding_0313fortwaynewedding_0314fortwaynewedding_0315fortwaynewedding_0316fortwaynewedding_0317fortwaynewedding_0318fortwaynewedding_0319fortwaynewedding_0320fortwaynewedding_0321fortwaynewedding_0322fortwaynewedding_0323fortwaynewedding_0324fortwaynewedding_0325fortwaynewedding_0326fortwaynewedding_0327fortwaynewedding_0328fortwaynewedding_0329fortwaynewedding_0330fortwaynewedding_0331fortwaynewedding_0332fortwaynewedding_0333fortwaynewedding_0334fortwaynewedding_0335fortwaynewedding_0336

Emily & Brock’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

fortwaynerainwedding_0149Emily & Brock were married on her parents property last Saturday.  They’d been preparing the ceremony area for MONTHS, with planting, weeding, trimming, mowing, etc.  So when forecast said RAIN-ALL-DAY, we were all a little disheartened, as it seemed we needed to switch to plan B, ceremony in the tent instead of the garden.


These two are laid back, and awesome.  And when the rain let up a little right before the ceremony, Emily said “Let’s do it!  Guests can stand!” (as the chairs had already been moved to the tent.)  So we went for it!  They got married in the sprinkling rain and it was PERFECT!  They didn’t let a little weather interrupt what they were there for, to marry the love of their life.

I’m so happy that they got the wedding they’d envisioned….just a little damper than expected .  😉fortwaynerainwedding_0150fortwaynerainwedding_0151fortwaynerainwedding_0152fortwaynerainwedding_0154fortwaynerainwedding_0155fortwaynerainwedding_0163fortwaynerainwedding_0156fortwaynerainwedding_0157fortwaynerainwedding_0253fortwaynerainwedding_0158fortwaynerainwedding_0159fortwaynerainwedding_0160fortwaynerainwedding_0161fortwaynerainwedding_0163-1fortwaynerainwedding_0164Emily is a crier, which is MY FAVORITE!!!!  This impromptu prayer time had some tears flowing.fortwaynerainwedding_0165fortwaynerainwedding_0166fortwaynerainwedding_0167fortwaynerainwedding_0168fortwaynerainwedding_0169fortwaynerainwedding_0170fortwaynerainwedding_0171fortwaynerainwedding_0172fortwaynerainwedding_0173fortwaynerainwedding_0174fortwaynerainwedding_0175fortwaynerainwedding_0176fortwaynerainwedding_0177fortwaynerainwedding_0178Emily’s First Look with her dad.  And more tears!fortwaynerainwedding_0179fortwaynerainwedding_0180fortwaynerainwedding_0181Ceremony time!  The chairs had been moved to the tent, so guests stood to watch.  And it worked great!fortwaynerainwedding_0182fortwaynerainwedding_0183fortwaynerainwedding_0184As they were walking down the aisle, I heard Emily’s mom say to her,

“Look at all of these people!  They.  Love.  You!”

And that is a beautiful picture of the job of a mother, to remind our children over, and over, and over throughout their life how much they are loved.  fortwaynerainwedding_0185fortwaynerainwedding_0204fortwaynerainwedding_0186fortwaynerainwedding_0187fortwaynerainwedding_0188fortwaynerainwedding_0189fortwaynerainwedding_0190fortwaynerainwedding_0191fortwaynerainwedding_0192fortwaynerainwedding_0193We found a few beautiful LARGE trees to shoot under to stay dry and still get some gorgeous outdoor portraits!fortwaynerainwedding_0194fortwaynerainwedding_0195fortwaynerainwedding_0196Clear umbrellas: my new best friend.fortwaynerainwedding_0197fortwaynerainwedding_0198fortwaynerainwedding_0199fortwaynerainwedding_0200fortwaynerainwedding_0201fortwaynerainwedding_0202fortwaynerainwedding_0203fortwaynerainwedding_0205Proof of our successful portrait time, wet & muddy sneakers.fortwaynerainwedding_0206fortwaynerainwedding_0207fortwaynerainwedding_0208fortwaynerainwedding_0209fortwaynerainwedding_0210fortwaynerainwedding_0211fortwaynerainwedding_0212fortwaynerainwedding_0213fortwaynerainwedding_0214fortwaynerainwedding_0215fortwaynerainwedding_0216fortwaynerainwedding_0217Party Time!fortwaynerainwedding_0218fortwaynerainwedding_0219But first, Champagne!fortwaynerainwedding_0220fortwaynerainwedding_0221fortwaynerainwedding_0222fortwaynerainwedding_0223fortwaynerainwedding_0224fortwaynerainwedding_0225fortwaynerainwedding_0226fortwaynerainwedding_0227fortwaynerainwedding_0228fortwaynerainwedding_0229fortwaynerainwedding_0230fortwaynerainwedding_0231fortwaynerainwedding_0232fortwaynerainwedding_0233fortwaynerainwedding_0234I love how Emily included her mom in her wedding day!  She walked her down the aisle, with her dad.  And she shared a special dance with each parent.  There is a sign that you’ve got a great relationship with your daughter.  I loved it!fortwaynerainwedding_0235fortwaynerainwedding_0236fortwaynerainwedding_0237fortwaynerainwedding_0238fortwaynerainwedding_0239fortwaynerainwedding_0240fortwaynerainwedding_0241fortwaynerainwedding_0242fortwaynerainwedding_0243fortwaynerainwedding_0244fortwaynerainwedding_0245fortwaynerainwedding_0246fortwaynerainwedding_0247fortwaynerainwedding_0248fortwaynerainwedding_0249fortwaynerainwedding_0250fortwaynerainwedding_0251fortwaynerainwedding_0252God Bless you, Mr. & Mrs. Hessenzahl!  I’m so glad I could be the one to capture your wedding day bliss!

fortwaynerainwedding_0254.jpgAnd here’s a little behind the scenes of myself & my second shooter that day!  I’m so thankful I had this fun chick to shoot with that day!  Chelsea was a great addition, taking beautiful photos, and bringing a fun and optimistic attitude!

Skyler & Nicole’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

fortwaynewedding_0002I got to spend the entire day with Nicole & Skyler!  (So settle in, I’ve got photos for days! 😉

I started at Cameo Day Spa getting to know the ladies, then on to the beautiful church for the ceremony, next was Foster park for a few portraits in the same location as their engagement session, and finally The Landmark Centre for their epic dance party reception!fortwaynewedding_0003fortwaynewedding_0004fortwaynewedding_0005fortwaynewedding_0006Sisters, with their “granny hair”, as they called it.fortwaynewedding_0007fortwaynewedding_0008fortwaynewedding_0009fortwaynewedding_0010fortwaynewedding_0011fortwaynewedding_0012fortwaynewedding_0013fortwaynewedding_0014fortwaynewedding_0015fortwaynewedding_0016fortwaynewedding_0017fortwaynewedding_0018fortwaynewedding_0019fortwaynewedding_0020My second shooter for today was the talented Nicole of Nicole Morehead Photography.  Nicole was getting shots of the guys while I was with the ladies.fortwaynewedding_0021fortwaynewedding_0022fortwaynewedding_0023fortwaynewedding_0024fortwaynewedding_0025fortwaynewedding_0026fortwaynewedding_0027fortwaynewedding_0028fortwaynewedding_0029fortwaynewedding_0030fortwaynewedding_0031fortwaynewedding_0032fortwaynewedding_0033fortwaynewedding_0034fortwaynewedding_0035fortwaynewedding_0036fortwaynewedding_0037fortwaynewedding_0038fortwaynewedding_0039fortwaynewedding_0040fortwaynewedding_0041fortwaynewedding_0042fortwaynewedding_0043fortwaynewedding_0044fortwaynewedding_0045fortwaynewedding_0046fortwaynewedding_0047fortwaynewedding_0048fortwaynewedding_0049fortwaynewedding_0050fortwaynewedding_0051fortwaynewedding_0052fortwaynewedding_0053fortwaynewedding_0054fortwaynewedding_0055fortwaynewedding_0056fortwaynewedding_0058fortwaynewedding_0059fortwaynewedding_0060fortwaynewedding_0061fortwaynewedding_0062fortwaynewedding_0063fortwaynewedding_0064Bustling that beautiful gown!fortwaynewedding_0065fortwaynewedding_0066fortwaynewedding_0067fortwaynewedding_0068fortwaynewedding_0070fortwaynewedding_0071fortwaynewedding_0072