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I almost called this “Pro’s & Con’s of Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions”, BUT it really just comes down to preferences.  So I don’t want to say one way is BETTER than another way.  It’s totally up to the photographer and client as to what they prefer.  If you’re considering having your family portraits taken, this might be really helpful for you to find what fits your preferences best!

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(Disclaimer: Every photographer is slightly different in how they price, shoot, and deliver their sessions.  So this post is tailored to your experience with me specifically.  This is how Valerie Joy Photography does sessions.  But it may overlap to other photographers in various ways.  I’d suggest clarifying with your photographer how they do things.)

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Mini Sessions:

-Location is chosen by the photographer, not the client.  Typically a themed session (Fall, Christmas, Snow, Sunflower field, Studio backdrop, etc.)

-Photographer chooses the dates that clients have to work around.

-$125.  Lower total cost compared to Full Session.  But not as good of a deal if you break it down per minute.

-15 minutes of shooting.

-Fast paced, to get the most photos during our time together.  This naturally doesn’t leave much time for personal discussions, or breaks for fussy children.  (It has happened that a child was fussy during their mini session, and the gallery was very limited because of that.  If we’d had more time, we could have taken a break to have a snack, and I could have delivered a much larger gallery.)

-Approximately 30 images in final edited online gallery for download.

-Best for clients on a smaller budget, families with members who can’t make it through a full hour of shooting, clients who prefer multiple smaller sessions per year, or only want a handful of images for whatever reason.

(If you want to know when I offer Mini Sessions, be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram to see those announcements.)

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Full Sessions:

-Location is chosen by client (based on photographer suggestions, if needed.)

-Client chooses the date and time which works best for them (within photographer’s availability, of course.)

-$250.  Higher total cost compared to Mini Session.  But a better deal if you break it down per minute.

-60 minutes of shooting.

-More casual pace, allowing kids to relax between poses, and photographer and client to get to know each other a little bit.  This pace usually leads clients to be much more comfortable in front of the camera.

-Approximately 120 images in final edited online gallery for download.

-Best for clients who want a larger gallery with LOTS of variety to choose from, who want to have more of a say in when & where their session is, and who want an individualized, relaxing experiences.

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If you’d like to book a Full Session with me, my favorite season for photos is almost here (FALL!!!!!) and my schedule fills up quick, so contact me ASAP!

Family Portrait Sessions: What to wear?? . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, so I thought it would be helpful to do a whole blog post on it!

“What should we wear for our Family Portrait Session??”

 I’ve been there.  We are a family of 6, and I pick out everyone’s outfit for our family portrait sessions.  It hurts my brain.  BUT it makes all the difference in the final images when you’ve made good choices.

Here are some tips + visual examples to help make the most of your portrait session!

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0116

#1. I always tell clients to wear something that they feel GREAT in!  (This doesn’t mean you get to wear your pajamas though, sorry.)  What I mean is, something that fits your style; an outfit you feel attractive and confident in.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should make you feel good about yourself!

(If you don’t already have something you LOVE in your closet, this is a great excuse to go shopping!  Consider it an investment. 😉

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0122

#2. It’s fairly easy to pick out one outfit.  But it gets difficult when you’re coordinating multiple people.  One simple and trendy option is going ALL neutral!  The neutral palette gives a soft feel to your images, allows the eye to focus on the person instead of the clothing, has a classic feel, and works with ANY location/backdrop.

Neutrals include: White, Brown, Denim, Khaki, Grey, Black, Navy, Beige

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0130

#3. Your wardrobe may dictate whether or not you can pull off certain poses.  So if you want to be able to try some playful, active poses, you don’t want to wear a short dress or pants that are too tight. So think about how you envision your session going and then dress accordingly.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0127

If you love color too much to go completely neutral, I’ve got a few simple formulas to guide you…

#4. Pop of Color Method: Wear mostly neutrals with 2-3 pops of color mixed into the group’s outfits.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0121fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0120fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0126

#5. Inspiration Piece method:

Pick an inspiration outfit, or piece of an outfit; then pull colors from that inspiration for everyone else’s wardrobe.  One family member may wear a pattern, and everyone else wears a color from that pattern.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0119fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0128

#6. Try to keep patterns to a minimum.  If too many people are wearing too many patterns, instead of complimenting you, it will be a distraction.  The following two families did a great job at pairing a little bit of pattern with solid layers on top, to achieve a nice visual balance.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0118fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0115

#7.  If your outfits are feeling bland, think: Layers & Texture!  These two elements provide nice visual interest.  Keep these two words in mind when planning your outfits and scatter them into the group wardrobe to spice it up a little.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0125

#8. Consider your portrait session location.  If you know your setting will be a colorful one, then you’ll want to either pick colors that coordinate with the setting, or go with neutrals.  Clashing with your backdrop could really spoil the image.

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0123

If your location will be a neutral one, then any colors will do!

fort wayne family photographer what to wear_0124

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed,

*You can find more examples of ideal wardrobe choices on my Valerie Joy Photography Pinterest page, here.

*And my clients are always welcome to text me phone pics of their wardrobe choices in preparation for their session, for my two cents.