Kaleb & Desiree Engaged! . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

This engagement session was pretty special!  Desiree is my husband’s cousin, so I’ve known her for the past 15 years, meaning most of her life.  It’s crazy to be old enough to photograph an engagement session of someone you knew as a child!

What an honor to be the one to capture their love story though!  You guys killed it!  And Foster Park + the glowy sunlight made this session simply magical! fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0308fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0309fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0310fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0311fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0313fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0312fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0314fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0315fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0317fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0318fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0319fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0320fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0321fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0322fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0323fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0324fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0325fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0326fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0327fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0328fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0332fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0329fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0335fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0330fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0331fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0333fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0334fort wayne engagement photographer foster park_0336

What to wear for your Engagement Session? . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions are possibly my favorite type of portrait session to do!  I LOVE love!  So to have two fiancé’s in front of the camera is super sweet to me!

But before you go into your engagement session its important to put some thought and effort into your look to make sure your photos are the best they can possibly be!  Here are a few tips to consider…

Coordinate but don’t match.

A good rule of thumb is one or two pops of color between both of your outfits, and the rest can be neutrals.

(Neutrals: denim, black, grey, brown, khaki, white, cream, navy. Get it?)

what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0113what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0115

Dress for your portrait LOCATION.

Springy blooms?  Go with lighter neutrals or soft pastels.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0102Summertime picnic in the park?  Stick with light weight clothing to stay cool.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0110In home session? Don’t be afraid to get a little romantic.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0117Holiday time engagement?  Get festive for a few shots.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0111Winter session?  Stay warm, so you’re not miserable! And layers look great when it’s chilly out.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0119

Take this opportunity to dress up a little bit!

Go shopping for a new dress, some new heels, get your guy his first suit!  Pay the extra money to have your hair and makeup done professionally.  It can give you a really good idea of how you’ll look on your wedding day.  You’ve only got one shot for that, so it’s a great chance to practice during your engagement session!  Pay attention to your nails as well, as I’ll be focusing on your left hand for a few shot.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0108

Accentuate your best features. 

Got great legs? Show them off with a cute pair of heels and cocktail dress!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0103I love Teresa’s red hair, and she did a great job accenting it with her dress color!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0104

Bring along a prop that fits your relationship!

A bouquet is a gorgeous accessory to make your photos extra classy.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0118Is one of you musical?  Maybe we can work that into a few photos.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0105Like having fun together? Be playful with a classic tree swing, or old fashioned bicycle.   what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0106Winter session?  Work a fun activity into your session!  (Ice skating, sledding, snowball fight.)  Winter is fun!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to laugh together.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0114Bring along a bottle of your favorite beverage for a toast!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0107Accessorize with a hat or light shawl.  Then take them off for a totally different look!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0109what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0116

Get your ring cleaned before your session.

I always take a few shots of your bling during our session.  Close ups, on your hand and on it’s own.  So the more sparkly and smudge-free, the better!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0112

Bring multiple wardrobe options to your session.

It’s a great idea to bring a casual option and a formal option to your session.  This way your final gallery will have even more variety.

what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0120what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0121what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0122Find my Pinterest board of wardrobe ideas here!

Jason & Jessica Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

Jason & Jessica’s engagement session was full of whimsical & romantic winter fun!

A blanket of snow, with their pups frolicking around them.  A (failed) attempt at sledding.  😉  Then inside by the cozy fire.  I love all the sweet, candid moments from this session!!

fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0136fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0137fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0139fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0140fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0141fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0142fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0143fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0144fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0159fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0145fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0146fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0147fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0148fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0149fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0150fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0160fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0151fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0152fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0153fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0154


Thanks so much to the vendors that helped me bring this wintery dream to life!!

Rubies & Whimsy, in downtown Columbia City, loaned us several pieces for Jessica’s wardrobe & jewelry.  Click here to find them on facebook.fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0155fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0156


Hair and makeup by Megan Shively.   Click here to find her on facebook.  Available for weddings and special events.fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0158

before & after:fort wayne winter engagement photographer_0157

Lori & Kevin Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

Lori & Kevin’s engagement session was super adorable!  They just ooze with giddy sweetness for each other!  Since I didn’t know these two prior to this session, we chatted a bunch about their relationship during out shoot.  Come to find out we had a lot in common!  Including getting married one year from the day we started our relationship.

I’m so excited for Lori & Kevin to tie the knot in April!

downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0099downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0100downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0102downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0115downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0103downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0105downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0104downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0106downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0107downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0108downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0111downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0109downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0113downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0112downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0110downtown fort wayne christmas engagement_0114

Kim & Kyle Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Columbia City, IN Engagement Photographer

Here is a session featuring several of my favorite things….

Glowy light, romance, and friends of mine!  I’m so excited for Kim & Kyle to get married this fall.  Despite the sweat, and gnats, I think they looked pretty darn adorable for their mini engagement session last week!  And what a cute accessory that had in their pup, Layla!

foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0348foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0349foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0350foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0351foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0352foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0353foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0354foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0355foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0356foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0357foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0358foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0359foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0360foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0361foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0362

Jason & Maggie’s Engagement Session . Columbia City, Ft. Wayne IN Photographer

Jason and Maggie gave me the privilege of shooting in the heart of Chicago!  I was thankful that they knew their way around, because I don’t do big cities well on my own.  We shot at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lake front trail.  I LOVED having a new setting to photograph in.  And I can’t wait for Jason & Maggie’s Christmas time wedding next year!

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