Lori & Kevin Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

Lori & Kevin’s engagement session was super adorable!  They just ooze with giddy sweetness for each other!  Since I didn’t know these two prior to this session, we chatted a bunch about their relationship during out shoot.  Come to find out we had a lot in common!  Including getting married one year from the day we started our relationship.

I’m so excited for Lori & Kevin to tie the knot in April!

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Kim & Kyle Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Columbia City, IN Engagement Photographer

Here is a session featuring several of my favorite things….

Glowy light, romance, and friends of mine!  I’m so excited for Kim & Kyle to get married this fall.  Despite the sweat, and gnats, I think they looked pretty darn adorable for their mini engagement session last week!  And what a cute accessory that had in their pup, Layla!

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Jason & Maggie’s Engagement Session . Columbia City, Ft. Wayne IN Photographer

Jason and Maggie gave me the privilege of shooting in the heart of Chicago!  I was thankful that they knew their way around, because I don’t do big cities well on my own.  We shot at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lake front trail.  I LOVED having a new setting to photograph in.  And I can’t wait for Jason & Maggie’s Christmas time wedding next year!

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