New Studio Space! . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer

We have a bonus room in our home that has served many purposes over the last 6 years that we’ve lived here.  But this was always a dream of mine.  And my husband and I finally made it happen!

Of course to christen the space I photographed my 2 favorite tiny dancers!  (If you don’t already know these faces, these are my girls Mali Lu (5 years old) and Ivy Lane (2 years old).

fort wayne family photographer_0010fort wayne family photographer_0011fort wayne family photographer_0012fort wayne family photographer_0013fort wayne family photographer_0014fort wayne family photographer_0015

This space will serve well for Newborn Sessions & Mini Sessions, like the upcoming “Mommy & Me” mini’s on April 27th & 28th.


Payne Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer

While back in my hometown of Sarasota Florida last month I did an extended family session for my Aunt & Uncle and all of their kids and grandkids.  (I’m a tad partial to these folks!  I love them and miss them so much!!)

An Extended Family session is 2 hours long which allows plenty of time for multiple poses of every combination!

Combinations I typically take: the BIG family, individual families, kids, individual kids, couples, Grandma & Grandpa with the grandkids, adult siblings & spouses, and any other cute moments that happen naturally! fort wayne family photographer_0020fort wayne family photographer_0021fort wayne family photographer_0022fort wayne family photographer_0023fort wayne family photographer_0024fort wayne family photographer_0025fort wayne family photographer_0026fort wayne family photographer_0027fort wayne family photographer_0028fort wayne family photographer_0029fort wayne family photographer_0030fort wayne family photographer_0031fort wayne family photographer_0032fort wayne family photographer_0033fort wayne family photographer_0034fort wayne family photographer_0035

Holler Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer

The Holler’s are a sweet family that we know from church.  I got to take some newborn photos of baby Hope about a year and a half ago.  So it was really fun to do a session with the whole family, this time around.

We spent the evening on their property in Columbia City.  Thankfully there was no rain, but there were plenty of mosquitos!  (I guess you can’t have it all).  But I especially loved the soft light coming through the clouds, and those joyful smiles from everybody in the family!Fort Wayne family photographer_0175Fort Wayne family photographer_0176Fort Wayne family photographer_0177Fort Wayne family photographer_0178Fort Wayne family photographer_0179Fort Wayne family photographer_0180Fort Wayne family photographer_0181Fort Wayne family photographer_0182Fort Wayne family photographer_0183Fort Wayne family photographer_0184Fort Wayne family photographer_0185Fort Wayne family photographer_0186Fort Wayne family photographer_0187Fort Wayne family photographer_0188Fort Wayne family photographer_0189Fort Wayne family photographer_0192Fort Wayne family photographer_0193Fort Wayne family photographer_0194Fort Wayne family photographer_0198Fort Wayne family photographer_0195Fort Wayne family photographer_0196Fort Wayne family photographer_0197Fort Wayne family photographer_0199Fort Wayne family photographer_0200Fort Wayne family photographer_0201

Okay, maybe EVERYONE wasn’t smiling the WHOLE time.  But hey, when you’re 1 year old, and fighting an ear infection, you get to throw a fit or two during your portrait session.  Props to mom & dad, for smiling through it.  😉

Fort Wayne family photographer_0202

Platt Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Columbia City IN Family Photographer

This was my first time working with the Platt family.  And I love them already!  We had a beautiful evening shooting on their gorgeous property.  They have three adorable and energetic boys, which always keeps thing fun and interesting.  And mom and dad kept a great laid back attitude during the whole shoot.  (which is hard, as a parent, I KNOW!). Well done, guys! Fort Wayne family photographer_0160Our session was mostly focused on baby Hayes since he hadn’t had a portrait session in a while.  But we also squeezed in some other combinations of the whole family and the brothers, too!Fort Wayne family photographer_0161Fort Wayne family photographer_0162Fort Wayne family photographer_0163Fort Wayne family photographer_0164Fort Wayne family photographer_0165Fort Wayne family photographer_0166Fort Wayne family photographer_0167Fort Wayne family photographer_0168Fort Wayne family photographer_0169Fort Wayne family photographer_0170Fort Wayne family photographer_0171Fort Wayne family photographer_0172Fort Wayne family photographer_0173Fort Wayne family photographer_0174