Wytch & Alli’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer

I’m so thankful that my talented friend, Alisia Thompson, still asks me to second shoot with her once in a while when I’m back home in Sarasota, FL!  This wedding on Sietsa Key, from early November was GORGEOUS!

Wytch and Alli were so kind and laid back, it was so easy working with them.  Their special day was complete with friends and family flown in for this destination event, a live band (who KILLED IT, despite several power outages), an adorable ice-cream cart, epic florals everywhere, and a view of the intercostal.  I mean, what more could you ask for?!

sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0100

I got some shots of the guys getting ready while Alisia went with the ladies…sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0101sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0102sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0103sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0104

Wytch had his brother, Ben, as his best man. sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0105sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0106sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0107sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0108

As the second shooter, I have the opportunity to capture some really precious moments in between poses, when clients think no one’s looking.  ;). I LOVED these mama faces, as she teared up over her boy getting married.sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0109sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0110sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0111sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0112sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0113sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0114sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0115sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0116sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0117sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0118sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0119sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0120sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0121sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0122sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0123sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0124sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0125sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0126sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0127sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0128sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0129sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0130sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0131sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0132sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0133sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0134sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0135sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0136sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0137sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0138sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0139sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0140sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0141sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0142sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0143sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0144sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0145sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0146sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0147sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0148sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0149sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0150sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0151sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0152sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0153sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0154sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0155sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0156sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0157sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0158sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0159sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0160sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0161sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0162sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0163sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0164sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0165sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0166sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0167sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0168sarasota siesta wedding photographer_0169

Lowenberg Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

This is my sweet cousin, Ashley’s, family!  When I go home to Sarasota for a visit, they almost ALWAYS drive the 3 hours to visit me while I’m there.

We grew up together, she was like a big sister to me.  And I sooooo wish we could see each other more often.  But now we’re in different states with a bunch of kids, and thats life.  I’m so thankful for them and their little tribe of hoodlums.  They make me laugh, and they love us well!

sarasota family photographer_0131sarasota family photographer_0132sarasota family photographer_0133sarasota family photographer_0134sarasota family photographer_0135sarasota family photographer_0136sarasota family photographer_0137sarasota family photographer_0138sarasota family photographer_0139sarasota family photographer_0140

Henson Family . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

It’s so good to see old friends!

I first met Lisa about 15 years ago in a bible study group.  So I was super excited to hear from her when she scheduled a family portrait session during my most recent trip back to Florida, because it meant I would get to meet her family!

And what a sweet (and photogenic) family they are!!!  That baby William was my best buddy by then end of the shoot.  He reached for me at one point, and thats grounds for a good snuggle time with any baby I’m shooting.  (Come to me, babies!! I want to hug you!)

Side note:  It had been spitting rain for several hours before this session, but we went for it anyway (since I was leaving the next day) hoping for the best!  Thankfully it stopped about 15 minutes into shooting, and we were able to finish a beautiful session at Phillippi Estates in Sarasota FL.

henson Sarasota family_0100henson Sarasota family_0101henson Sarasota family_0102henson Sarasota family_0103henson Sarasota family_0104henson Sarasota family_0106henson Sarasota family_0107henson Sarasota family_0108henson Sarasota family_0109henson Sarasota family_0110henson Sarasota family_0111henson Sarasota family_0112henson Sarasota family_0113henson Sarasota family_0114henson Sarasota family_0115henson Sarasota family_0105henson Sarasota family_0116henson Sarasota family_0117henson Sarasota family_0118

Petrilla Family . Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer

The Petrilla family were wedding clients of mine once upon a time!  And since then I’ve photographed Kayln’s sister’s wedding, and they’ve added a cutie pie baby boy to the family!  So I’ve had the pleasure of seeing their cute faces several times over the years, and they’re just so sweet and fun to photograph every time!

And I always love shooting in this wild rural Florida setting.  I grew up in the neighborhood where this session took place, and I just think the huge oak trees and hanging Spanish moss are so magical in the sunset light!

myakka sarasota family photographer_0100myakka sarasota family photographer_0104myakka sarasota family photographer_0101myakka sarasota family photographer_0102myakka sarasota family photographer_0103myakka sarasota family photographer_0105myakka sarasota family photographer_0106

Wedding Tips: Having Littles in your Bridal Party . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Having littles in your Bridal Party requires some preparation.  You need to prepare your littles for their expected job.  And you need to prepare yourselves…for the unexpected.

You can control a lot of things on your wedding day.  But there are a few things you can’t control.  The weather, and littles.  😉

So just know that they will most likely be an adorable addition to the day and your photographs, but don’t expect too much from them!  Add them into a few photos during portrait time, but then have a babysitter ready to take them when they’ve hit their limit.  Remember to laugh at their antics, instead of getting annoyed at their inability to cooperate like an adult.  They’re just kids, have lots of grace with them!  (and bring snacks for bribery! 😉  )


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0183

If you can snag a nice pose with your littles, Awesome!  If they aren’t really into standing still, try playing together, to get those genuine smiles!

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0184

One or two group shots with the littles is good enough!  Then they can be released while the adult Bridal Party keep shooting.

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0185


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0186

Nick & Elizabeth’s bridal party did a great job at going with the flow, and enjoying little Gavin’s antics!

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0187


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0188


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0189

One of my FAVORITE shots from Ben & Laura’s wedding was their two sweaty flower girls at the head table having wedding cake at the end of the night.  😉

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0190


Wedding Tips: Should you do a First Look? . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photography, Sarasota FL Wedding Photography, Columbia City IN Wedding Photography

“Should I do a First Look on my wedding day?”

To start, a “First Look” is deciding to see your partner BEFORE the ceremony.  There is no right or wrong answer on how to plan out your day, but I think it’s helpful to know all of the perks of a First Look before making your decision.

  1. You’re seeing each other for the first time in “private”, instead of in front of ALL your wedding guests.  (okay, okay, your photographer is playing paparazzi in the bushes, but otherwise, it’s pretty private!)
  2. You can let your emotions flow!  You have set aside time to talk with each other, admire each other in your fancy duds, pray together, maybe exchange gifts face to face, and get the jitters out.
  3. Seeing each other before the ceremony allows for you to also get your portraits out of the way before the ceremony.  This allows you to get to your reception faster, later on!  So guests aren’t waiting around for quite so long for you to arrive.  And getting your portraits done right after you’ve gotten ready, and before the ceremony, means you look the FRESHEST you will look all day!  The wedding below was in Sarasota FL and it was WARM!  So getting portraits done immediately meant that the Ben & Laura looked the most polished, with the least amount of sweat, for their portrait time, which directly followed the first look!  😉

First Look Florida Wedding_0144First Look Florida Wedding_0145

Another point about this specific First Look is that Ben & Laura chose a package with a second shooter, so we were able to get so many shots from different angles of their precious reactions!  Props to the talented Alisia Thompson Photography!

First Look Florida Wedding_0146First Look Florida Wedding_0147First Look Florida Wedding_0148First Look Florida Wedding_0149First Look Florida Wedding_0150First Look Florida Wedding_0151First Look Florida Wedding_0152First Look Florida Wedding_0153


Wedding Tips: Special Exits . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer

Hey Wedding Couples!

 I just wanted to share a little info about planning a Special Exit during your wedding day.  Some couples do the typical Reception Exit at the end of the night.  But if you’re photographer won’t be staying until the end of the party, you could choose to do a special exit after your ceremony instead!  And there are so many different options to make these Special Exits extra fun!  Here are a few examples…

*Before you make a plan, be sure to check with your church or venue to see what is allowed or prohibited, as many buildings will have restrictions.*

Katie & Dylan : Bubbles (Pro: clean, festive, allowed in many buildings)


Jeanie & Jose : Carriage ride  (Pro: so CLASSIC!)


Tim & Amy : Light up foam sticks  (Pro: lit up the dance party before hand as well, allowed anywhere)


David & Christy : Confetti  (Pro: dissolvable, color coordinated)


Will & Elizabeth : Birdseed (Pro: traditional for daytime)  *Watch out for ornery bridal party, who may want to abuse the privilege.* 😉


Tanner & Liz : Dove confetti  (Pro: soft & ethereal)


Nick & Elizabeth : Bubbles  (Watch your eyes, Nick!).


Marla & Jacob : Bubbles (Don’t forget to pause and let your photographer get a great shot of the two of you!  If you run too fast, the shots will be limited.)


Ben & Laura : Sparklers (Pro: dramatic, traditional for night time)