Jacob’s Senior Portraits . Ft. Wayne IN Senior Photographer, Columbia City IN Senior Photographer

Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0115Jacob and I went to Foster Park for his senior session last week.  Jacob would consider himself more of an athlete than a photography model, but I’m pretty sure no one can tell, because he did a great job listening to my instruction and together we created some super handsome portraits!

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, I want to reassure you that it doesn’t matter!!  I am here to guide you through every pose.  I want every client to know they can trust me to create beautiful photos, whether you know what you’re doing or feel a little unsure (like most of us do when the camera is pointed at us).  That’s what I’m here for!! Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0116Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0117Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0118Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0119Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0120Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0124Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0121Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0122Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0123Fort Wayne senior photographer foster park_0125

Karina’s Senior Portraits . Ft. Wayne IN Senior Photographer, Sarasota FL Senior Photographer, Columbia City IN Senior Photographer

Karina has grown into such a beautiful, smiley, sweet young woman!  I can’t believe she’ll be a senior in High School in a few short weeks!  I met her when she was only 3 years old (as she’s my husband’s cousin).

She killed it at her session at Matea Park yesterday!  She was hoping for flowers, and we found plenty!  And then we ended the session splashing in a river.  Super fun!  Check out this gorgeous girl!

Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0141Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0143Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0142Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0144Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0145Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0146Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0147Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0148Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0149Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0150Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0151Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0152

my “little” cousin isn’t so little anymore!Fort Wayne senior photographer Columbia City_0153

Mark’s Senior Portraits . Ft. Wayne IN Senior Photographer, Sarasota FL Senior Photographer, Warsaw IN Senior Photographer

Mark will be graduating with the class of 2018!  What a handsome guy, right?

We got so lucky with the weather for this session!  It was 50 degrees in early December!!  And my favorite spot was a gorgeous row of bushes we found with lots of fall color still holding on!

downtown fort wayne senior boy_0116downtown fort wayne senior boy_0117downtown fort wayne senior boy_0118

(not his car…but YOU BET we posed in front of it, as if it was.  😉 )downtown fort wayne senior boy_0119downtown fort wayne senior boy_0120downtown fort wayne senior boy_0121downtown fort wayne senior boy_0122downtown fort wayne senior boy_0123downtown fort wayne senior boy_0124downtown fort wayne senior boy_0125downtown fort wayne senior boy_0126downtown fort wayne senior boy_0127downtown fort wayne senior boy_0128downtown fort wayne senior boy_0129downtown fort wayne senior boy_0130

Gabby’s Senior Portraits . Ft. Wayne, IN Senior Photographer, Columbia City, IN Senior Photographer

I love shooting seniors because I see all of the potential that’s bubbling up as they start their final and, probably, best year of school yet!  Gabby has so much going for her (smart, athletic, musical, sweet, beautiful), when you meet her, you just know she’ll do great things.  ….she’s probably ALREADY doing great things!  Praying courage and wisdom for you, Gabby, as you finish one chapter and soon begin another!

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