Kasey & Ben’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer, Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

fort wayne wedding photographer_0016

Kasey & Ben tied the knot last weekend in Kasey’s home church in the country of Columbia City.  It was the perfect wedding day surrounded by their favorite people, with gorgeous spring weather!  I loved working with Ben & Kasey because they’re such laid back, sweet people!  (There’s a lot of those in the mid-west…lucky me!)  They’re also one of those couples who are obviously in love and admire each other greatly!

Ben was such a great sport during portrait time, since it meant holding Kasey close in most of the photos. 😉  And Kasey frequently would hug around Ben, and bury her head in his chest and just stay there for a minute.  Their love was just so sweet!

But enough talk, take a look….

fort wayne wedding photographer_0017fort wayne wedding photographer_0018fort wayne wedding photographer_0019fort wayne wedding photographer_0020fort wayne wedding photographer_0021fort wayne wedding photographer_0022fort wayne wedding photographer_0023fort wayne wedding photographer_0024fort wayne wedding photographer_0025fort wayne wedding photographer_0026fort wayne wedding photographer_0027fort wayne wedding photographer_0028fort wayne wedding photographer_0029First Look…fort wayne wedding photographer_0030fort wayne wedding photographer_0031fort wayne wedding photographer_0032fort wayne wedding photographer_0033fort wayne wedding photographer_0034fort wayne wedding photographer_0035I loved that Ben had his dad as his Best Man.  And dad, David, helped himself to a big smooch on his boy’s cheek when it was his turn for a photo!  (hahahahaha!)fort wayne wedding photographer_0036fort wayne wedding photographer_0037fort wayne wedding photographer_0038fort wayne wedding photographer_0039fort wayne wedding photographer_0040fort wayne wedding photographer_0041fort wayne wedding photographer_0042fort wayne wedding photographer_0043fort wayne wedding photographer_0044fort wayne wedding photographer_0045fort wayne wedding photographer_0046fort wayne wedding photographer_0047fort wayne wedding photographer_0048fort wayne wedding photographer_0049fort wayne wedding photographer_0050fort wayne wedding photographer_0051Kasey with her brothers-in-lawfort wayne wedding photographer_0052Ben with his sisters-in-lawfort wayne wedding photographer_0053Kasey with her 3 sisters, and their wonderful husbands!fort wayne wedding photographer_0054fort wayne wedding photographer_0055fort wayne wedding photographer_0056fort wayne wedding photographer_0057fort wayne wedding photographer_0058fort wayne wedding photographer_0059fort wayne wedding photographer_0060fort wayne wedding photographer_0061fort wayne wedding photographer_0062They got a surprise antique car to leave their ceremony in!fort wayne wedding photographer_0063fort wayne wedding photographer_0065Let’s get to the party!fort wayne wedding photographer_0066fort wayne wedding photographer_0067fort wayne wedding photographer_0068fort wayne wedding photographer_0069This family loves Jesus!fort wayne wedding photographer_0070Kasey & her Momma!fort wayne wedding photographer_0071fort wayne wedding photographer_0072fort wayne wedding photographer_0073fort wayne wedding photographer_0074Matron of honor, Kelsey, cracking everybody up!fort wayne wedding photographer_0075fort wayne wedding photographer_0076fort wayne wedding photographer_0077fort wayne wedding photographer_0078fort wayne wedding photographer_0079David had us laughing and crying!fort wayne wedding photographer_0080fort wayne wedding photographer_0081fort wayne wedding photographer_0082fort wayne wedding photographer_0083fort wayne wedding photographer_0084fort wayne wedding photographer_0085fort wayne wedding photographer_0086fort wayne wedding photographer_0087fort wayne wedding photographer_0088fort wayne wedding photographer_0089fort wayne wedding photographer_0090fort wayne wedding photographer_0091fort wayne wedding photographer_0092fort wayne wedding photographer_0093fort wayne wedding photographer_0094fort wayne wedding photographer_0095fort wayne wedding photographer_0096fort wayne wedding photographer_0097fort wayne wedding photographer_0098fort wayne wedding photographer_0099fort wayne wedding photographer_0100fort wayne wedding photographer_0101fort wayne wedding photographer_0102fort wayne wedding photographer_0103fort wayne wedding photographer_0104fort wayne wedding photographer_0105fort wayne wedding photographer_0106

Thank you so much, Gibson’s & Lovell’s for letting me capture this awesome wedding day!  It was a pleasure!


Hair & Makeup: The Red Stiletto

Desserts: The Cake Lady

Christopher & Amanda’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0201Christopher & Amanda are SO sweet!  And they had such amazing spirits about having to switch their venue because of expected afternoon thunderstorms.  We did luck out with beautiful weather during their portrait time thought, thank goodness!  And the storm clouds only let loose once we were all in the reception.  I’m so happy for them to finally become husband and wife, and start their life together!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0202Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0203Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0204Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0205Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0207Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0208Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0209Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0210Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0211Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0212Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0213Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0214Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0215Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0206First Look…Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0216Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0217Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0218Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0219Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0220Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0221Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0222Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0223Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0224Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0225Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0227Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0226Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0228Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0229Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0230Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0231Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0232Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0233Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0234Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0235Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0236Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0237Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0238Amanda had her late Grandfather’s name patch sewn on her wedding dress as her “something blue”.  It was a surprise to her grandmother, who cried in response to seeing it.  So Sweet!!!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0239Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0240Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0241Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0242_1Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0242Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0243Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0244Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0245Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0246S’more Bar!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0247Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0248Pie instead of cake, I approve!  I had pie at my wedding too!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0249Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0250Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0251Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0252Christopher & Amanda had so many generous family members and friends helping out with their big day!  It was such a sweet way to support the couple!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0253Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0254Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0255Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0256Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0257Some daddy/daughter tear filled eyes.Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0258Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0259Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0260Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0261Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0262Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0263Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0264Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0265Sweet dad’s dancing with their little girls.Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0266Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0267Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0268Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0269Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0270Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0271Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0273Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0274Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0275Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0276Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0277

Ryan & Hannah’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0110Hannah & Ryan’s wedding day was flawless!  Beautiful weather, excited and joyful attitudes all around, and a couple so in love!  It was highly anticipated, as they’ve been dating since they were 15, and have lived long distance for the past couple years.  It was so sweet to see Hannah tear up when her dad mentioned in his speech that there wouldn’t have to be anymore “goodbye’s” for these two.

I’m so happy for you guys to start this new journey of married life!  God Bless!

Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0111Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0112Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0113Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0114Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0115Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0116Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0117Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0118Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0119Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0120Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0121Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0122Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0123Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0124Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0125Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0126They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so they just held hands and prayed together around the corner. Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0127Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0128Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0129Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0130Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0131Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0132Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0133Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0134Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0135Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0136Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0137Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0138Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0139Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0140Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0141Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0142Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0143Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0144Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0145Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0146Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0147Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0148Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0149Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0150Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0151Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0152Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0153Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0154Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0155Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0156Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0157Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0158Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0159Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0160Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0161Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0162Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0163Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0164Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0165Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0166Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0167Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0168Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0169Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0170Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0171Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0172Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0173Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0174Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0175Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0176Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0177The first ones off the dance floor during the “Anniversary Dance”.Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0178Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0179The winners of the anniversary dance!  Hannah’s grandparents, married over 67 years!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0180Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0181Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0182Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0183Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0184Holden with the assist!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0185Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0186Ryan surprised Hannah by washing her feet before he removed her garter.  What a beautiful picture of the Christ like love they have for each other!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0187Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0188Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0189Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0190Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0191Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0192Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0193Ryan & his twin sister!Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0194Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0195Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0196Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0197Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0198Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0199Fort Wayne catholic wedding photographer_0200

Hannah’s Bridal Portraits . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

We shot Hannah’s bridal portrait session about two weeks before her wedding, at the Bass Mansion on the St. Francis University campus in Ft. Wayne.  I love that she chose this venue for her photos, because she’s such an old soul; classic and elegant, just like this location.

Fort Wayne family photographer_0203Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0204Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0205Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0206Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0207Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0208Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0209Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0210Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0211Hannah is also an amazing musician, so it was really special to take a few photos at the piano inside the mansion!  Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0212Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0213Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0214This staircase!!!!!!!!!!!Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0215Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0216Fort Wayne wedding photographer st. Francis University Brookside Bass Mansion_0217

Tina & Dave’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0100

Congratulations to Tina & Dave!

They tied the knot at the beautiful Pine Valley Country Club last weekend.  It was an intimate ceremony and reception that ended with some Greek dancing!  So cute!!

Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0101Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0102Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0103Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0104Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0105Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0106Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0107Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0108Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0109Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0110Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0111Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0112Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0114Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0115Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0116Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0117Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0118Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0119Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0120Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0121Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0122Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0123Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0124Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0125Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0126Props to Tina’s friends creating a custom bustle for her dress on the fly!Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0127Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0128Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0129Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0130Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0132Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0133Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0134Fort Wayne wedding photographer Pine Valley_0135

Wedding Dress: BoChic Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Sandra Benitez

Hair: Alexa Heyneman with In Touch Salon Spa

Cake: Sassie Cakes

Guitarist: Ken Jehle

Flowers: Four Seasons- The DIY Florist

Music/DJ: Quattro Systems

Officiant: Doug Dye

T & N’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0118It was a hot summer day, but this group was cool and gorgeous!  What a beautiful Fort Wayne Wedding!Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0119Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0120Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0121Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0122Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0123Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0124Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0125I just wanted to give a shout out and “Thank You” to Nicole from Nicole Morehead Photography, for second shooting this wedding with me!  It’s great to have a second shooter getting opposite angles during a First Look!Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0126Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0127Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0128Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0129Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0130Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0131Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0132Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0133Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0134Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0135Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0136Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0137Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0138Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0139Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0140Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0141Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0142Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0143Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0144Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0145Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0146Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0147Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0148Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0149Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0150Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0151Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0152Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0153Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0154Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0155Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0156Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0157Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0158Let’s Party!Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0159Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0160Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0161Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0162Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0163Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0164Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0165Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0166Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0167Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0168Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0169Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0170Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0171Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0172Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0173Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0174Fort Wayne wedding photographer Memorial Coliseum_0175Congrats T&N!  Many blessings on your family!!

Jason & Jessica’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Foor!

These two are so fun to be around.  Jason is constantly making people laugh, especially his bride.  And Jessica is so laid back and sweet…not to mention her gorgeous good looks!  They had a gorgeous, sunny (and hotttttt) summer afternoon wedding!Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0113Jessica & Jason got married at Columbia City’s new event center: Union 12.  It’s a beautiful all-inclusive venue; with farm house space for the bridal party to get ready, a covered patio to hold a ceremony, natural space for portraits, and a large two story reception hall!  Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0114Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0115Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0116Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0117Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0118Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0119Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0120Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0121Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0122Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0123Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0125Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0126Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0127Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0139Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0128Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0129Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0130Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0131Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0132Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0133Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0134Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0135Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0136Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0137Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0138Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0140Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0141Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0142Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0143Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0144Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0145Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0146Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0147Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0148Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0149Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0150Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0151Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0152trying to hold back tears…Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0153Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0154Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0155Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0156Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0158Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0159Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0161Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0162Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0163Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0164Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0165Union 12 Columbia City Indiana_0166