Fiesta Bridal Shower . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer

My friend Maddie Butterfield of MBO+D threw a super fun “FIESTA! Bridal Shower” for her soon-to-be sister in law last week, and I got to crash the party to capture their time together…fiesta bridal shower_0222If you have an event coming up where you’d prefer to just be present with your guests, instead of hosting AND taking photos of the day, give me a call!  I’d be happy to take that job off your plate.  😉

And if you’d prefer to have Maddie’s creative mind plan the event, give her a call! click herefiesta bridal shower_0223fiesta bridal shower_0224fiesta bridal shower_0225fiesta bridal shower_0226fiesta bridal shower_0227fiesta bridal shower_0229fiesta bridal shower_0230fiesta bridal shower_0231fiesta bridal shower_0232fiesta bridal shower_0233fiesta bridal shower_0234fiesta bridal shower_0235fiesta bridal shower_0236fiesta bridal shower_0237fiesta bridal shower_0238fiesta bridal shower_0239fiesta bridal shower_0240fiesta bridal shower_0241fiesta bridal shower_0242fiesta bridal shower_0243fiesta bridal shower_0244

The Webster’s: Day in the Life . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

I flew back to my hometown in April, and while I was there I got to visit a dear friend.  A few years ago, her family moved out to the country, and she and her husband have really established a homestead out there; compete with a homeschool room, goats, chickens, bunnies, and amazing home design everywhere.  Becca & Erik are so talented!

This shoot was a typical “Day in the Life” of Becca and her two children.  Unfortunately, Erik couldn’t be in on the session because he was working.  But the other three were amazing models!fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0196fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0197Follow Becca’s Homeschooling journey on Instagram: @mirthandqueryfort wayne family photographer home shcool_0198fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0199fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0200fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0202fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0221fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0201fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0203fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0204fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0205fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0206fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0207fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0208fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0209fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0210fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0215fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0211fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0212fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0213fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0214fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0216fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0217fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0218fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0219fort wayne family photographer home shcool_0220

“Mommy & Me” Mini Sessions . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

These mini sessions were fast and furious!  Some kids were into it, some…not as much.  Thus is the nature of children, unpredictable.

But what was so beautiful was every mother’s (or grandmother’s) response to seeing her photo gallery upon delivery.  Fussy or goofy, cooperative or going banana’s, we just love our babies!  And to see us with them in photographs tugs at our hearts in a strong way….

“I’m gonna die! We LOVE the photos. Thank you so much!”

“I just ❤️ LOVE the new photos!  Thank you so much!  You’re the best!”

“Oh. My! Love them ALL!!”

  “You’re a magic worker. You somehow captured my love and his joy even with a fussy “need a nap” baby.”

“These are fantastic!  Thanks you so much!! You’re a magician!  I was there for that shoot!  It was pure chaos, hahaha!”

fort wayne family photographer_0184fort wayne family photographer_0183fort wayne family photographer_0182fort wayne family photographer_0181fort wayne family photographer_0180fort wayne family photographer_0179fort wayne family photographer_0178fort wayne family photographer_0177fort wayne family photographer_0176fort wayne family photographer_0175fort wayne family photographer_0174fort wayne family photographer_0173fort wayne family photographer_0160fort wayne family photographer_0161fort wayne family photographer_0162fort wayne family photographer_0163fort wayne family photographer_0164fort wayne family photographer_0165fort wayne family photographer_0166fort wayne family photographer_0167fort wayne family photographer_0185fort wayne family photographer_0186fort wayne family photographer_0187fort wayne family photographer_0172fort wayne family photographer_0171fort wayne family photographer_0188fort wayne family photographer_0189fort wayne family photographer_0192fort wayne family photographer_0193fort wayne family photographer_0194fort wayne family photographer_0195fort wayne family photographer_0170fort wayne family photographer_0169fort wayne family photographer_0168

Savannah is 7! . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

Savannah turned 7 last month!  And she was such a willing model for her “7-year-old” photo shoot!  This girl is a performer and had lots of pose ideas for us to try out!  Such as: Cartwheels, Splits, Jumping on the Trampoline, and the ‘ol hands-in-the-air gymnastics pose.

After those fun poses….(insert crying laughing emoji) we tried a few of my boring ideas.  😉 Love ya, Savannah!

fort wayne family photographer_0150fort wayne family photographer_0153fort wayne family photographer_0151fort wayne family photographer_0156fort wayne family photographer_0152fort wayne family photographer_0154fort wayne family photographer_0155Dad came home from work just in time to get in a shot!fort wayne family photographer_0157fort wayne family photographer_0158And we took a couple cousin shots for good measure!  fort wayne family photographer_0159

Kevin & Lori’s Wedding . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer

catholic wedding fort wayne_0147

Lori & Kevin’s relationship is one that you just gush over!  They’re soooooo in love!  Just adorable!  Their April wedding was so lovely with an elegant and traditional Catholic mass ceremony, and ended with a reception complete with Square Dancing!  Not the typical wedding that I shoot.  😉  Which made it all the more fun to be a part of!

catholic wedding fort wayne_0101catholic wedding fort wayne_0102catholic wedding fort wayne_0103catholic wedding fort wayne_0104catholic wedding fort wayne_0105catholic wedding fort wayne_0106catholic wedding fort wayne_0107catholic wedding fort wayne_0108catholic wedding fort wayne_0109catholic wedding fort wayne_0110catholic wedding fort wayne_0111Lori & Kevin had their “First Look” moment in the church before their ceremony.  Choosing to do a “First Look” has so many benefits.  I highly recommend it.  1. You get to see one another for the first time without 200 guests staring at you.  2. You have a stolen moment to yourselves to talk, hug, pray, laugh, breathe together before the business of the day continues.  3. You’re able to get your portraits done earlier in the day, while you’re still looking fresh.  4. You can head straight to your reception with your guests after you tie the knot! catholic wedding fort wayne_0112catholic wedding fort wayne_0113Aren’t they cute???!!!catholic wedding fort wayne_0114catholic wedding fort wayne_0115catholic wedding fort wayne_0116catholic wedding fort wayne_0117catholic wedding fort wayne_0118catholic wedding fort wayne_0119catholic wedding fort wayne_0120catholic wedding fort wayne_0121Sweet tears from the wedding fort wayne_0122catholic wedding fort wayne_0148catholic wedding fort wayne_0149catholic wedding fort wayne_0125catholic wedding fort wayne_0126catholic wedding fort wayne_0127catholic wedding fort wayne_0128catholic wedding fort wayne_0129catholic wedding fort wayne_0130catholic wedding fort wayne_0131catholic wedding fort wayne_0132catholic wedding fort wayne_0133catholic wedding fort wayne_0134catholic wedding fort wayne_0136catholic wedding fort wayne_0135catholic wedding fort wayne_0137catholic wedding fort wayne_0138catholic wedding fort wayne_0139catholic wedding fort wayne_0140catholic wedding fort wayne_0141catholic wedding fort wayne_0142catholic wedding fort wayne_0143catholic wedding fort wayne_0144catholic wedding fort wayne_0146catholic wedding fort wayne_0145

What to wear for your Engagement Session? . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Sarasota FL Engagement Photographer, Warsaw IN Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions are possibly my favorite type of portrait session to do!  I LOVE love!  So to have two fiancé’s in front of the camera is super sweet to me!

But before you go into your engagement session its important to put some thought and effort into your look to make sure your photos are the best they can possibly be!  Here are a few tips to consider…

Coordinate but don’t match.

A good rule of thumb is one or two pops of color between both of your outfits, and the rest can be neutrals.

(Neutrals: denim, black, grey, brown, khaki, white, cream, navy. Get it?)

what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0113what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0115

Dress for your portrait LOCATION.

Springy blooms?  Go with lighter neutrals or soft pastels.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0102Summertime picnic in the park?  Stick with light weight clothing to stay cool.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0110In home session? Don’t be afraid to get a little romantic.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0117Holiday time engagement?  Get festive for a few shots.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0111Winter session?  Stay warm, so you’re not miserable! And layers look great when it’s chilly out.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0119

Take this opportunity to dress up a little bit!

Go shopping for a new dress, some new heels, get your guy his first suit!  Pay the extra money to have your hair and makeup done professionally.  It can give you a really good idea of how you’ll look on your wedding day.  You’ve only got one shot for that, so it’s a great chance to practice during your engagement session!  Pay attention to your nails as well, as I’ll be focusing on your left hand for a few shot.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0108

Accentuate your best features. 

Got great legs? Show them off with a cute pair of heels and cocktail dress!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0103I love Teresa’s red hair, and she did a great job accenting it with her dress color!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0104

Bring along a prop that fits your relationship!

A bouquet is a gorgeous accessory to make your photos extra classy.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0118Is one of you musical?  Maybe we can work that into a few photos.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0105Like having fun together? Be playful with a classic tree swing, or old fashioned bicycle.   what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0106Winter session?  Work a fun activity into your session!  (Ice skating, sledding, snowball fight.)  Winter is fun!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to laugh together.what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0114Bring along a bottle of your favorite beverage for a toast!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0107Accessorize with a hat or light shawl.  Then take them off for a totally different look!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0109what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0116

Get your ring cleaned before your session.

I always take a few shots of your bling during our session.  Close ups, on your hand and on it’s own.  So the more sparkly and smudge-free, the better!what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0112

Bring multiple wardrobe options to your session.

It’s a great idea to bring a casual option and a formal option to your session.  This way your final gallery will have even more variety.

what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0120what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0121what to wear engagement session fort wayne photographer_0122Find my Pinterest board of wardrobe ideas here!

Ballerina: Moriah Heckman . Ft. Wayne IN Photographer, Sarasota FL Photographer, Warsaw IN Photographer


Such quiet strength and elegance.

I’ve always found ballerinas to be so beautiful & intriguing.  And I’ve wanted to photograph a point ballerina for years now.  In the past 6 months I finally decided that if I want to photograph something, I should put myself out there and make it happen, as a creative outlet for myself; to keep my love of photography fresh, and never just a job.

Last week all the pieces came together, with Moriah Heckman (of the Fort Wayne Ballet through the University of St. Francis Program) modeling for me, and Next Generation Studio of Dance, in downtown Columbia City, allowing us to shoot in their studio space.

I love art, in all forms, and the chance to photograph these artists in action has been so fulfilling.

See another local artists’ photo session here.

ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0121ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0122ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0123ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0124ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0125ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0126ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0127ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0128ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0129ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0130ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0131ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0132ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0133ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0134ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0135ballerina point ballet fort wayne photographer_0136

“Mommy & Me” Mini Sessions! Coming in May!


Justine & her girls were the perfect models to demonstrate what a “Mommy & Me” mini session will be like.  I’ll be shooting in my home with a cream backdrop for a simple, classic look where all of the focus is on the sweet interactions between a mother and her children.  Edited galleries will be delivered before Mother’s Day.

Contact me to snag one of the time slots!

(Gift Certificates also available if you’d like to give this mini session as an early Mother’s Day gift to a mother in your life.)

mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0100mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0101mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0103mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0104mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0105mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0106mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0107mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0108mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0109mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0110mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0111mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0112mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0113mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0114mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0115mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0116mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0117mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0118mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0119mommy and me fort wayne photographer_0120


Mali’s 4th Birthday . Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer, Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Warsaw IN Family Photographer

My Mali Lu turns 4 this week, and we partied last weekend like real fine ladies!

We invited Mali’s best girl friends, and had make-overs, tea time, and a glamor shoot!  These little princesses were all about it!  It was so cute!!

I want to give a special thanks to Maddie of MBO+D for helping me design and pull off this party for my girl.  If you want to check out her services, visit her website here.

fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0175

The party decor was a combination of items we pulled from my house, and items Maddie brought.  We also borrowed tea cups from Nana to make it super special and fine!!

fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0176fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0177fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0178fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0179fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0182fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0180fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0181fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0183fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0184fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0185fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0186fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0192fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0187fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0188fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0189fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0190fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0191fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0200fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0193fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0194fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0195fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0196fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0197fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0198fort wayne photographer 4th birthday tea party_0199