Drew & Anna Engaged . Ft. Wayne Engagement Photographer, Columbia City Engagement Photographer, Warsaw Engagement Photographer

Drew & Anna are such a sweet couple!  Finishing up college soon, they’ll be getting married in the spring and starting their life together!

We had such a pleasant evening together walking around downtown Ft. Wayne, and talking about their relationship.  I love to get to know my couples so that I can more accurately photograph them in their element.  I learned that they share a love for baseball (Tiger’s specifically), ice cream, & Jesus!  Anna was first attracted to Drew because of his sense of humor.  And Drew liked Anna’s giving, selfless nature.

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Wike Family . Ft. Wayne Family Photographer, Columbia City Family Photographer, Warsaw Family Photographer

Meet the Wike Family!

This family is loved by many in our community, as Jeremy is a pastor in Columbia City.  But they’ve also adopted ALL SIX of their children!  And they’ve invited their community in on the adventure!  I have loved watching their family grow over the past 4 years that I’ve known them.  This past adoption was a set of twins with albinism from China!  These babies are so lucky to be joining this awesome family!

china adoption albino_0155china adoption albino_0156china adoption albino_0157china adoption albino_0160china adoption albino_0158china adoption albino_0172china adoption albino_0159china adoption albino_0173china adoption albino_0161china adoption albino_0162china adoption albino_0164china adoption albino_0163china adoption albino_0165china adoption albino_0166china adoption albino_0167china adoption albino_0168china adoption albino_0171china adoption albino_0170china adoption albino_0169 wike2017-153

Myers Family . Ft. Wayne Family Photographer, Warsaw Family Photographer, Columbia City Family Photographer

Meet the Myers Family!

We shot this session at Chain O’ Lakes state park in Albion, IN.  I’ve known this family for over a decade now, and it’s so fun to spend quality time with them laughing and showcasing their love for each other!  Props to Craig & Laura for raising 4 beautiful girls!  That cannot be easy!  😉

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0133

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0134

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0135

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0136

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0137

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0138

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0150

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0139

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0140

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0141

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0142

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0143

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0144

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0145

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0146

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0147

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0148

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0149

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0151

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0154

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0152

Chain O' Lakes marroon family_0153

Sunflower fields forever! . Ft. Wayne Photographer, Sarasota Photographer

I left a portrait session the other night and drove past a gorgeous sunflower field right around sunset.  I slammed on the breaks and grabbed my camera back out of my bag and seized the moment!



It’s also that time of year when the combines are running constantly!  After I passed the sunflower fields, I passed this field on the other side of the road, and it also seemed to beckon my camera.  I loved the colors in this classic Indiana scene!


Chapple Family . Ft. Wayne Family Photographer, Sarasota Family Photographer

The Chapple’s are friends of ours from church, so I have some EXTRA sentiment toward their adorable little family.  They won a free mini session, after referring a wedding client to me!

(You can still earn that reward until the end of THIS MONTH!  If a friend of your books a session or wedding with me before the end of Oct., because of your referral, YOU win a FREE mini session!)

Fall family portraits baby dog_0123Fall family portraits baby dog_0124Fall family portraits baby dog_0125Fall family portraits baby dog_0126Fall family portraits baby dog_0127Fall family portraits baby dog_0128Fall family portraits baby dog_0129Fall family portraits baby dog_0130Fall family portraits baby dog_0131Fall family portraits baby dog_0132

Taprooted: Seth & Kate’s Vow Renewal . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0100

Seth & Kate got married 15 years ago, but last weekend they hosted a “Vow Renewal” ceremony in their backyard with an intimate group of friends & family to publicly show their continual commitment to each other.  I’m so proud of their perseverance through tough times, and their unconditional love for each other through sickness and health (they’ve both has their fair share!), good times and bad (when you’ve been married this long, you now know what that means) 😉 .  They are such a wonderful example for us all!

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0101taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0185taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0102taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0186taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0103taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0106taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0107taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0108taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0109taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0110taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0111taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0113taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0114taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0115taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0116taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0117

I love that their son Dominic was such a big part of their day!  It must be so good for a child’s soul to see his parents so committed and in love with each other.  What a lucky and beautiful loved boy!

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0118taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0119taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0120taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0121taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0122taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0123taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0124taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0125taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0126


| noun | tap·root | -ˌrüt , -ˌru̇t |
A taproot is a large, central, and dominant root.  The entire root system branches off from this central taproot. A strong taproot provides protection from harsh weather and difficult conditions and through the root system connected to it, the means to grow.

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0127_1taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0127taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0128taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0129taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0130taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0131taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0132taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0133taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0134

These two are such creative minds, and their carefully crafted words were another example of that.  I wanted to share a bit of what they wrote to each other….

Kate: “I choose you.  I want you.  With you I breathe and I belong.  Any heartache that I endure as a result of loving you will always be worthwhile.  I will love you fiercely with love that protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.”

Seth: “Kathryn, I bind myself with glad and open heart to you.  At the sowing and the harvest, in winter and summer, in times of shadow and times of light, through drought and plenty, in triumph and defeat, in sickness and in health.  I walk with you.  I grow with you.  I dream with you.  I am rooted with you and I love you.”

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0135taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0136

Kate’s Poem: “Two strays on a journey, to each other belong, traveling lightly, the wind is our song.  Seeds spill from our pockets, daisy and red clover, taproots securing the ground we walk over.  We wander pine forests, their soft needles our bed, sink deep down in rivers, through caves darkness are led.  A torch to light the night, home and sanctuary, me and you and us, forever to by merry.”

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0137taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0138

Seth & Kate had a tree planting ceremony during their vow renewal.  Along with all of their guests, they added dirt to the planted tree and watered it at the end.  I love the symbolism of their love that the tree planting represented.  In Seth’s words:

“Like a tree; vast, silent, old.  Deep and secret, broad and lifting.  Sighing the tale of our years.  Changing, falling, dying.  Growing, rising, living…”

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0140taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0141taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0142

Seth: “Every place we’ve lived, Kate and I have planted things. Gardens, flowers, trees. It’s a way for us to leave a quiet, but lasting influence on the places we’ve loved and the world we find wondrous in its beauty. We’ve found joy, peace and balance working in the dirt and when we look at trees we see groundedness, patience, perseverance, growth, quiet strength, and deep roots.”

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0143taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0144taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0145taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0146taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0147taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0148taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0149taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0150taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0151taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0152taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0154taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0155

We had such beautiful fall weather this weekend!  Seth & Kate spent the rest of the evening together with their friends and family enjoying amazing food, drinks & music.  It was laid back and lovely!taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0156taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0157_1taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0157taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0158taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0159taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0160taprooted-1144taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0162taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0163taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0164taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0165taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0166taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0167taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0168taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0169taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0170

I love that Seth & Kate’s rings aren’t sparkly and smooth.  They’re 15 years old, and have been through a lot; just like them!

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0171taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0172taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0173_1taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0173taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0174taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0175taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0176

Props to Heather, Emily & Michelle for their amazing help decorating and pulling off this spectacular and gorgeous party!  It’s such a blessing to have good friends, who also work hard and have awesome skills!  😉 Thanks for making it special, ladies!

taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0177taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0178taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0179taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0180taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0181taproot vow renewal bohemian wedding_0182

Kate’s Makeup: Glamour To Go Mobile Salon

Everything else: Kate & her friend’s amazing skills!  😉

Petrilla Family . Sarasota FL Family Photographer, Ft. Wayne IN Family Photographer

The Petrilla family were wedding clients of mine once upon a time!  And since then I’ve photographed Kayln’s sister’s wedding, and they’ve added a cutie pie baby boy to the family!  So I’ve had the pleasure of seeing their cute faces several times over the years, and they’re just so sweet and fun to photograph every time!

And I always love shooting in this wild rural Florida setting.  I grew up in the neighborhood where this session took place, and I just think the huge oak trees and hanging Spanish moss are so magical in the sunset light!

myakka sarasota family photographer_0100myakka sarasota family photographer_0104myakka sarasota family photographer_0101myakka sarasota family photographer_0102myakka sarasota family photographer_0103myakka sarasota family photographer_0105myakka sarasota family photographer_0106

Wedding Tips: Having Littles in your Bridal Party . Ft. Wayne IN Wedding Photographer, Sarasota FL Wedding Photographer, Columbia City IN Wedding Photographer

Having littles in your Bridal Party requires some preparation.  You need to prepare your littles for their expected job.  And you need to prepare yourselves…for the unexpected.

You can control a lot of things on your wedding day.  But there are a few things you can’t control.  The weather, and littles.  😉

So just know that they will most likely be an adorable addition to the day and your photographs, but don’t expect too much from them!  Add them into a few photos during portrait time, but then have a babysitter ready to take them when they’ve hit their limit.  Remember to laugh at their antics, instead of getting annoyed at their inability to cooperate like an adult.  They’re just kids, have lots of grace with them!  (and bring snacks for bribery! 😉  )


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0183

If you can snag a nice pose with your littles, Awesome!  If they aren’t really into standing still, try playing together, to get those genuine smiles!

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0184

One or two group shots with the littles is good enough!  Then they can be released while the adult Bridal Party keep shooting.

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0185


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0186

Nick & Elizabeth’s bridal party did a great job at going with the flow, and enjoying little Gavin’s antics!

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0187


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0188


Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0189

One of my FAVORITE shots from Ben & Laura’s wedding was their two sweaty flower girls at the head table having wedding cake at the end of the night.  😉

Ring Bearer Flower Girl_0190


Kim & Kyle Engaged . Ft. Wayne IN Engagement Photographer, Columbia City, IN Engagement Photographer

Here is a session featuring several of my favorite things….

Glowy light, romance, and friends of mine!  I’m so excited for Kim & Kyle to get married this fall.  Despite the sweat, and gnats, I think they looked pretty darn adorable for their mini engagement session last week!  And what a cute accessory that had in their pup, Layla!

foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0348foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0349foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0350foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0351foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0352foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0353foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0354foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0355foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0356foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0357foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0358foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0359foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0360foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0361foster park fort wayne engagement photographer_0362